Colour speaks a thousand words, the right tone of highlights or lowlights or a new shade can elevate a look or new style from good to fabulous, for the season, occasion or simply for fun.

Colour maintenance is essential to keep your hair looking amazing. The right shampoo is a must.

Keune “Design Colour Care Shampoo and conditioner “ is a easy to use shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed to help keep your colour locked in.

We also have a new way of maintaining colour as well as great condition “Keune Chameleon X Mask a Bespoke conditioning treatment that is customised to suit …. from pastels to vivids and everything in between to help with colour longevity.

The specially formulated colour mask is brilliant if you want to inject a little more intensive tone into your colour, whilst giving your hair a treatment during the absence of your salon visit to refresh safely at home.

Each colour mask is formulated by your stylist using your unique client record card to colour match , ensuring vibrancy, strength and vitality.

This is not just for blonde hair , this colour mask can be used to rejuvenate reds,coppers,brunettes,violet,blue,pink and the full range of pastels.


Keune Care Range is solutions focused made to mix and match based on your scalp and hair concerns. Fine hair with brittle ends…..try Keune Care Volume shampoo paired with Vital Nutrition conditioner… you get the gist !